Code of Conduct


We are proud to be a part of The London Varsity Series. We want players and spectators to be able to enjoy the tradition as much as we do. To help everyone have a great time we ask those involved to agree to our Code of Conduct. It’s about demonstrating our Varsity Values of excellence, enjoyment, respect, discipline and competition.

Both King’s College London Students’ Union (KCLSU) and University College London Union (UCLU) as institutions hosting the London Varsity Series believe in providing an inclusive, professional and safe environment for all teams, athletes and spectators. We expect everyone involved to play their part in making the London Varsity Series a well-respected event that showcases the pride that King’s and UCL students hold for this historic event.

Code of Conduct

The London Varsity Series offers the opportunity to be involved in competitive matches between King’s College London and University College London student teams in a professional and motivated environment. Teams from both institutions should try to protect the reputation of The London Varsity Series and ensure the behaviour of participants matches our Code of Conduct.

All teams and clubs should demonstrate high standards of behaviour, promote the event in a positive way, and strive to compete at the highest level of ability throughout the day.

The behaviour of players, coaches, officials and supporters at The London Varsity Series is subject to the following:

  • The individual complaints and disciplinary procedures of each institution
  • The rules of the University facilities
  • Hire agreements with external facility providers
  • The relevant regulations of National Governing Bodies

All members/clubs shall abide by these and shall make sure that, when representing their respective University, they maintain a high standard of moral and ethical conduct.

All members of the King’s College London/University College London team (which extends to players, squad members, coaches, officials and supporters):

  • shall familiarise themselves with the relevant regulations of their sport.
  • shall not do anything which is likely to intimidate, offend, insult or discriminate against another person on the grounds of their religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or race.
  • shall follow the rules of the facilities.
  • show due respect to other users of facilities when other activities are taking place external to the London Varsity Series event.
  • shall behave in an appropriate manner when representing their club/team.
  • will not tolerate abusive and aggressive behaviour.
  • shall not be in possession, use or be under the influence of performance enhancing drugs or social drugs at the event.
  • shall not consume alcohol or be under the influence of alcohol whilst participating in fixtures.
  • shall welcome and be hospitable to all visiting teams and treat all opponents with respect.
  • shall commit to playing a full competitive match.
  • shall not incite or cause violent behaviour both on and off the field of play.
  • shall not incite or cause damage to property both on and off the field of play.
  • shall not take glass or alcohol onto any of pitches.
  • when wearing branded University or Union attire, shall represent the University, Union and club in an exemplary manner.
  • shall refrain from using social media in a way which may offend other club members or other readers.
  • shall not bring the reputation of either University and/or Union into disrepute.
  • shall uphold sportsmanlike behaviour at all times and should make concerted efforts to attend the awards ceremony.

This is not a full list of what may constitute misconduct and final rulings on issues of misconduct lie with each Students’ Union. Breach of any guidelines may constitute misconduct.

Disciplinary Action

If any member fails to comply with the rules, they may be subject to disciplinary action. Any disciplinary action shall be dealt with by the respective Students’ Union in line with the respective disciplinary procedures of each individual Students’ Union. Any member subject to a disciplinary shall have the right to put forward a defence against any accusations made against them. All sanctions will be subject to the relevant Students’ Unions disciplinary procedures.


If you have any questions or queries in relation to the Code of Conduct or our Varsity Values email either:

  • Momin Saqib, KCLSU Vice President for Activities and Development:
  • Nick Edmonds, UCLU Activities and Events Officer: