Sunday 12 March From 3pm University of East London SportsDock, 4-6 University Way, London E16 2RD

Students £6 / Non-Students £8 Buy tickets: from UCLU · from KCLSU

About the Venue

UEL SportsDock is a wheelchair accessible venue.   Parking is available at the facility.   For those travelling by public transport, UEL SportsDock is walking distance from both Gallions Reach Station and Cyprus Station. Bus routes that run near UEL SportsDock are the: 101, 173, 262, 300, 366, 376 and 474.

New to Basketball?

Basketball is a 5-on-5 sport with the goal being to shoot a ball through a hoop. It is very similar to netball, with a few key differences: players are allowed to dribble the ball and all five members of a team can move anywhere they like on the court. It is a fast-paced sport, with teams constantly switching between offence and defence (due to the fact that a team has 24 seconds to take a shot). The combination of athleticism, rapid decision-making and showmanship have elevated the sport to the second most popular in the United States, and has given the game a devoted following internationally. Although it is not recognised as a traditional British sport, basketball is on the rise in the UK, with spectator interest and youth participation numbers growing year on year. With the NBA bringing competitive games to Britain, the popularity of the game is expected to increase in the near future.



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2017 is our year!

Few sports are as fast-paced, intense or exhilarating as basketball. When we train, we’re not just developing our endurance and skills, but are also improving our team bond. All of this comes together on court to make every game unique and exciting, but rarely does a match compare to the electric atmosphere of Varsity.


Bring it on!

Months of hard work, and many regular season matches later, the highlight of our season has finally arrived. We’ve beat UCL once, and we’ll beat them again. We have trained hard, we will give it our all, and we are more than ready to defend our title of Varsity champions. We promise nothing less than an electrifying atmosphere, fierce rivalry, and strong competition.



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We’re ready to win!

Over the past few years, UCL-KCL basketball games have developed into hard fought, close rivalry contests every time they meet. This year more than ever, be it their last or first Varsity game, UCL players share one sole ambition: win.


We can’t wait to get a third straight win over UCL!

Since basketball got into Varsity two years ago, we have won both games and we all want to make it a third. Everyone is getting excited and training hard with Varsity in mind. KCL Basketball is having a great season and our club keeps on getting better. Hopefully, we can finish strong and make a Varsity win the highlight of the end of the season! Celtics, Bulls, Lakers, King’s College London…Let’s win a third straight Varsity and join the elite club!