Friday 10 March
From 5pm
Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre, Eton Manor, Leadmill Lane,
Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, E20 3AD

Students £5 / Non-Students £7
Buy tickets: from UCLU · from KCLSU

About the Venue

Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre is a wheelchair accessible venue.


Parking is available at the facility.


For those travelling by public transport, Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre is walking distance from both Stratford International Station and Leyton tube station. Bus routes that run near Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre are the: 308 and W15.

New to Hockey?

Hockey is an up and coming sport in the UK and around the world, with the London Olympics bringing the game to the public’s attention. There have been huge developments in the sport over recent years, with the reviewing of the rules on an annual basis to ensure that the sport remains spectator friendly.

A brief explanation of the rules:

  • 11 a-side;
  • 35 mins each half;
  • score in opposition’s goal (must shoot inside the ‘D’);
  • no feet;
  • no using the back of the stick.

Played over two halves, two teams of eleven players use hooked sticks with one aim in mind – to score a goal by getting the ball past the opposing team’s goalkeeper.

The game itself is incredibly fast paced and high intensity, you don’t want to look away for a second! With roll-on roll-off subs the game is always of high quality. There are goals, skills, cards, penalty corners and penalty flicks which all make for a thoroughly entertaining sport to watch.

The pace of the game is unrelenting, with both teams allowed unlimited substitutions and hockey players generally being well renowned for their high fitness levels. Goals can only be scored inside the circle at each end and turnover ball is awarded if the ball touches any feet. Penalty corners, which can include intricate routines and rapid drag-flicks, are awarded should this happen within the circle.

Two umpires keep the game in check, with green cards used as warnings and yellow and red cards signalling indefinite and definite sin-bin time respectively.

Many games can end in a draw, but with this game being a one-off, it will go to penalty flicks with the victor taking all the spoils.




In terms of BUCS leagues we’re definitely the underdog in this match-up, but last time we checked David beats Goliath…

We’re looking to take momentum from the excellent form we’ve had in our BUCS season to exact revenge after last year’s heart-breaking loss. We’ve experience a whole heap of changes in the squad since last season, losing some experienced faces, but gaining some fresh and talented arrivals from across the British Isles. We’re quietly confident that our mix of old and new faces can take it to Kings and give the crowd some fast-paced, entertaining hockey to watch.


This team hasn’t lost a Varsity yet and we’re determined to keep it that way.

We have had a tough season so far with many close games in our Premier B division. We had a high turnover of players over the summer, but with some exciting new players, we are confident that we can bring our quick page and fresh energy to Varsity and bring home the title yet again. We are the only London University Women’s Hockey team to play at a Premier level and we intend to show everyone that we are a force to be reckoned with!





Hockey at Varsity is always a tight and fierce  game, don’t miss out!

After a disappointing relegation season in BUCS, winning Varsity made the season last year. This season we have been unable to achieve promotion back to the South Eastern 1A League, but have played some exciting and promising hockey. We look forward to proving on Friday that although Kings are in the higher BUCS League, we are the better team!


Varsity is always a close affair and I expect nothing different this year. It will be an unmissable contest.