Saturday 11 March
From 11am
Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre, Eton Manor, Leadmill Lane,
Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, E20 3AD

Students £5 / Non-Students £7.50
Buy tickets: from UCLU · from KCLSU

About the Venue

Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre is a wheelchair accessible venue.


Parking is available at the facility.


For those travelling by public transport, Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre is walking distance from both Stratford International Station and Leyton tube station. Bus routes that run near Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre are the: 308 and W15.

New to Tennis?

Tennis is a physically demanding, highly tactical sport. Players are required to have a high level of all round fitness, as at the highest level of the sport they are often required to play for hours at a time while covering the entire 1404 square feet of their end of the court (plus extra area at the sides and back), while serving at speeds in excess of 140mph. The scoring system in tennis is quite unusual, but matches are typically the best of 3 sets played to 6 games, each of which requires winning a minimum of 4 points. In singles, these matches are usually dominated by gruelling, powerful baseline exchanges with heavy topspin. Singles is known for its fierce one-on-one competitiveness, and this often draws comparisons to boxing as a result. In contrast, doubles matches mainly consist of high-speed net play, often leading to some epic rallies which showcase incredible reaction speeds and touch, making it arguably the more spectator friendly form of the game. However, the extreme competitiveness of singles has lead to it being the more popular version of the game with television and stadium audiences, as well as it being one of the hardest sports in which to ‘make it’ professionally. This is reflected in the prize money on offer at the major tournaments.




We’re ready to win…

When Kings are done celebrating a narrow victory over our Men’s second team, we would like to remind them that Varsity takes places on the 11th of March. Going by last year’s performance we think they should stop gloating on social media and spend more time preparing on court.




Bring it on!

After a disappointing but narrow loss last year, KCL Tennis is ready to take Varsity by storm. We’ve been training exceptionally hard on and off court. Thanks to some Herculean ‘tennis specific exercise’ videos on YouTube, we now have some of the finest athletes around. We are the King’s of the Court. And we are ready!