Ultimate Frisbee

Wednesday 15 March
From 1.15pm
Gloucester Green Side of Regent’s Park, Gloucester Gate, NW1 4HG

FREE Event

About the Venue

The closest entrance to the venue is along Gloucester Gate, the pitch is east of Camden Zoo.


Gloucester Green Side of Regent’s Park is only partially wheelchair accessible. Please contact if you have any accessibility requirements.


Parking is limited around Regent’s Park.


For those travelling by public transport, Gloucester Green Side of Regent’s Park is walking distance from Camden Town tube station. Bus routes that run near Gloucester Green Side of Regent’s Park are the: 274 and C2.

New to Ultimate Frisbee?

Ultimate frisbee is one of the fastest growing sports world wide, now with two professional leagues in America and a player base of over 5 million in the USA.

Over the last 20 years it has enjoyed a rise in popularity amongst universities with the most recent indoor season attracting 413 teams representing nearly all of the universities in the UK.

It is a mixed gender, 7 a side sport and is played on an area the size of a football pitch, with two end zones like in American Football, you can’t run once you’ve caught the frisbee and score points by passing between your team mates and catching it in the end zone.
It is a fast paced and athletic sport which lends itself well to highlight reel catches and pin point, full field throws.


KCL and UCL have enjoyed several close and competitive games in the last few years and both teams are looking forward to showing off our sport to the rest of the KCL sporting community.



We came here to drink milk and kick ass, and we’ve just finished our milk…

The UCLU Silverbacks are very excited to meet KCL in this second Varsity showdown. KCL’s remarkable indoor season has us scared; good thing this year’s game will be outdoors! This will be the most challenging and exciting Varsity yet, with both teams having great players. We are looking forward to showing our spectators a high intensity match between two great teams.



We’re ready to win!

KCL Thrown are looking forward to another competitive and well spirited game with UCL at Varsity this year. We came up short in an indoor showdown last year, but are ready to bring our best to the outdoor match and show our improvement over the past year. Stop by and check out this exciting sport in what will surely be a well contested match between two of the best teams in London!