Water Polo

Sunday 12 March
From 7.30pm
York Hall Leisure Centre, 5 Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green, E2 9PJ

Students £6 / Non-Students £7
Note: this is a combined event with Swimming
Buy tickets: from UCLU · from KCLSU

About the Venue

York Hall Leisure Centre  is a wheelchair accessible venue.


There is limited parking at York Hall Leisure Centre.


For those travelling by public transport, the stations nearest to York Hall Leisure Centre  are Cambridge Heath Station  and Bethnal Green tube station. Bus routes that run near York Hall Leisure Centre  are the: 106, 254, 309, 388, D3 and D6.

New to Water Polo?

Water polo can trace its origins back to the 19th century, and was the first team sport in the Olympic games. The game is fast, aggressive and requires great power and stamina to play, making for an exciting spectacle.

Water polo is a team water sport with 7 players in each team who aim to outscore the opposition over 4 quarters of play with goals at each end of the pool.

Players are not allowed to touch the bottom of the pool and can only touch the ball with one hand at any time.

Unsurprisingly, with most of the game being underwater, it lends itself easily to aggression making it fiercely tiring but also amazing to watch. It’s fast paced and exciting and is something a little bit different; certainly worth watching!






We’re bringing popcorn to this game. It’s going to be goooodd.




King’s will drown in a purple ocean.


You might want to hire more lifeguards for this competition.